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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions our patients have when considering our services.

Do you accept insurance?

We attempt to work with the patient and most insurance companies. Some Insurance companies are more customer friendly and easier to deal with than others. Never the less, we make every attempt to assist the patient in maximizing their benefits. If pre authorization is required we will submit the necessary paper work on the patient’s behalf. Insurances generally have rules that all involved must adhere too. We participate with some groups called PPO's which entitles the patient to a previously contracted fee. In summary, we work with most insurance companies. Co-payment, deductibles and maximum yearly benefits generally apply.

What's the difference between PPO and a DMO?

Generally with a DMO you must be treated by an insurance company assigned dentist whereas with a PPO you may choose a dentist from a list who has agreed to treat members of your group.

Will I have out of pocket expenses?

Generally yes. It depends on your insurance plan.

Can you bill me?

In order to keep administrative costs down, we do not bill patients for balances due. Payment is due at the time services are performed.

How soon can I be seen?

We attempt to schedule new patients within two days of them seeking an appointment. In addition we are open one Saturday per month to accommodate those patients who are unable to schedule appointments on a weekday.

Why is my insurance not covering this procedure?

Insurance companies have rules covering preexisting conditions, benefit frequencies, maximum benefits each year, etc. When in doubt it is best to call your insurance company directly for answers.

Is the office easy to get to?

Yes. We are located in Brooklyn, NY, close to the Borough Hall train station, and many MTA bus lines.

Do you offer extended payment plans?

This courtesy is generally available to patients in the practice who have proven to be financially responsible. To others we can recommend a lending institution that provides those services.

Do you put people asleep who are apprehensive and extremely fearful of dental procedures?

Not in the office. If your situation requires treatment in the operating room in a hospital, we can arrange that. Generally most apprehensive patients can be sedated in the office using Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas).

Do you see emergency patients promptly?

Yes we see patients who perceive their condition as an emergency the same day.

Will I have to go to other dental office to complete my dental care?

Generally not. Both dentists in the practice are highly trained with about 30 years of combined experience. Both graduated from hospital based residencies and can treat 98% of patients.
Also, Dr. Strachan and Gajjar are consistently taking Continuing Education courses year round to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry and provide the best possible care.

Which is better a manual or an electric toothbrush?

Independent studies have consistently found electric brushes clean better if used according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

How long can I hold off before I begin the recommend procedure?

It is often difficult to make predictions about the urgency of having a recommended procedure performed. If a procedure is recommended, then it should be completed as soon as possible.

What does 'general dentistry' mean, and what kind of things are included?

General dentistry includes a number of different types of procedure, from tooth replacement with dental implants, to full and partial dentures, to dental maintenance and checkups. Dr. Strachan and Dr. Gajjar have the training and the experience to be your full-service dentist for all your oral health needs.

How does general dentistry differ from your other specialties?

In our practice, we like to incorporate all aspects of modern dentistry in each procedure we offer. For example, many of our procedures for tooth repair incorporate both cosmetic dentistry and neuromuscular dentistry principles, so that your fillings or porcelain crowns are as beautiful, as structurally sound, and as long lasting as possible.

Do you treat children?

Yes. Dr. Strachan and his staff welcome children, and have the experience and training in the latest pediatric dentistry practices and technologies. Just as importantly, we like children and know how to work with them to alleviate their fears and to educate and prepare them for a lifetime of excellent dental health.

What type of problems do you treat?

We offer a complete and comprehensive dental evaluation for every new patient, so you can learn more about what we can do for you. In addition to all our multidisciplinary treatments, we offer snoring treatments, cancer screenings, and Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) treatments that can cure chronic headaches and migraines.

Other questions?

If we haven't answered your question here, or if you're just ready to come see us, call our office now. We'll schedule your comprehensive dental evaluation right away!