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JEFF C. STRACHAN, D.D.S. gladly participates with some insurance plans and "takes assignment" with many more.

Indemnity Plans
Traditional insurance where an insurance company or administrator provides service payment for the price of a monthly premium paid by you or your employer. Any provider accepting the plan may provide services.
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
Benefit plans where members may go to any provider they choose, or any one of a number of listed preferred providers.
Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) Managed Care Plans
Allows a member to use a DHMO network dentist or to seek care from a dentist not in the HMO network. Our office is not part of any DHMO network, however we will gladly provide care at our regular office fees.
Government Managed Care Programs
The state of New York offers various managed care programs for low-income individuals. Our office does not participate in any Government Managed Care Programs, however we will gladly provide care at our regular office fees.
We will attempt to seek funding for patients without insurance who are credit worthy, with a lending partner - Care Credit ( Loans for dental care are interest free if paid off within 12 months.

Individuals currently without dental insurance are also encouraged to visit our dental office. We offer low rates and flexible payment plans through our lending partner, CareCredit. (
In addition to the convenient payment options listed above, we gladly accept all credit and debit cards.